The Company

Elettra80 yesterday…

More than 40 years ago, Giovanni Borin, started a period of studies and research in the field of industrial and civil plant design, which have brought him to understand and develop new efficient and reliable automate control systems.

Therefore, in 1981 he founded ELETTRA80 S.r.l. of which he is both partner and president.

The needs of sophisticated control systems drove Mr. Borin to begin an in-depth analysis in the electronic industry.

In the first years of activity, he provided the company with a R&D department and began to produce the first circuit boards.

In 1996 ELETTRA80 was one of the first companies to have an electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety tests laboratory, with sophisticated equipment and one anechoic chamber.


ELETTRA80 embraces the policy of Total Quality and is continuously trying to improve its performances to reach the following objectives:

  • Satisfy the mandatory requisites of the products

  • Specific training of the employees

  • Creation of a constructive working environment

  • Complete satisfaction of the needs of the customer

  • Satisfaction of the staff

  • Supply of an efficient customer service

… Elettra80 today

Thanks to the continuous growth in the field of circuit boards and in the production of technological products, ELETTRA80 has gained a consistent number of patents.

The experience gained enables ELETTRA80 to offer its client high quality products with competence and expertise. Today ELETTRA80 addresses to different sectors of the market, offering services and products suitable for different applications in different environments:

  • Enological and Automation area, taking advantage form the PLC it produces
  • Medical devices, demotics areas, using an integrated wireless, no-battery system for the global management of the users.
  • Lighting sector, offering high efficiency solution with reduced energy costs.

What can we offer to you

  1. 1
    R&D laboratory

    ELETTRA80 plans and develops its products inside its R&D laboratory, grating the highest quality and reliability during the development phase, the production one and after the selling giving and supporting the Image of the best Made in Italy.

    The quality of ELETTRA80’S products is sustained by the technological innovation starting from the planning, continuing in the production and postproduction through statistical and feedback analysis. Thanks to this philosophy, ELETTRA80 produces innovative, future oriented products that are made to last over time. The R&D laboratory plans and develops custom solutions on specific demands of the client, or simply supports them in the development of projects encouraging functional and qualitative improvements of their products.

  2. 2
    Low environmental impact

    ELETTRA80 has always paid attention to the environmental problems; it uses the best components and the newest technologies, offering products that respect regulations with a very low environmental impact.