Technology serving the tradition

Thanks to the 30-years’ experience in the enological field, we have developed ScaiNet, an automate control system for the activities of wine producing companies, it offers effective solutions to real needs. The flexibility of our system enables the user to manage the autoclave and tanks production phases, integrated management of the company’s automations, from fridge groups to motorized valves, from wine/wort flows coordination to the management of climate conditions of warehouses and offices.

The use of PLC boards, developed and produced by Elettra80, gives the client extreme flexibility in the implementation of the automation system, adapting it to the specific needs of the company. When developing our products we follow the principle of reliability, quality and continuity to be sure that our products are not only secure and long lasting but also adaptable to the new versions. The ScaiNet system is made up of PLC control boards, which interact one with another through the serial gate RS 485. The system can be managed directly in the wine producing company through the Touch screen from which it is also possible to see the status of autoclaves and tanks, the details, and to plan and manage production phases. With ScaiNet is also possible to historicize and elaborate data in charts, through the use of a computer. To complete the system there is a GSM module for the management of alarms, with a text message it informs users of any anomalies in the plant.

ELETTRA80 PATENT: Control the level in the tanks and barrels. Using the sensors integrated in the PLCs and a dedicated Firmware, we are able to highlight the level status avoiding the common problems of traditional systems.