A smart home for a smart living

UBI FREE ® is a home automation system that enables the complete control of all domestic consumptions. It uses a RF technology which takes advantage of wireless and without batteries commands. It is suitable for any type of home, but also for shops and offices. The objective was to reduce production material costs, installation time, consumptions and avoid electricity wastes typical of general residential wiring. The technology used allows us to avoid invasive works on the building. The command devices are wireless and do not require batteries. The principal advantage comes from the time saving in the construction phase of new buildings, this is the best solution for those who are facing a renovation, above all if dealing with building with relevant artistic-historic importance.
We have developed UBI-FREE thinking at the needs of those who need only to amplify or renovate part of the structure and not the entire building, thanks to an interface circuit is possible to link the old traditional plant with UBI-FREE. This is possible by reprograming the old switches which, by the way, can be used as UBI-FREE transmitters. We have also created some adaptors for the UBI-FREE switches, compatibles with the plates of the most famous companies: Vimar and Btcino. For standard buttons it is also possible to use a special cover which makes the switches watertight with IP65, particularly indicated for external places and contexts where this characteristic is required.

It is an open and modular system, each complementary element is independent from the others, so it simple to extend and modify without touching the entire plant.

To complete the system we invented the modules UBIGSM and UBITOUCH. UBIGSM is an automatic phone dialer which works with a normal SIM card, it allows the user to be informed in case of alarms or anomalies but also to control in remote the consumptions. UBITOUCH is a 7’’ touch screen it gathers together all the commands and program the different functions, but do not think about it as an unpleasant control unit to hide in a remote angle of your house! Due to its features and services it offers we have thought about it as a furniture piece, when is not working it becomes a digital photo frame.

ELETTRA80 PATENT: UBIHOTEL is a home automation system specific for motels and hotels, ideal for the integrated management of consumptions and users, always with the technology and reliability of UBIFREE.