Flexible and integrated automation

Electro-mechanical automation department represents the starting point of our company. We supply optimal solutions for the automation of machineries and productive processes in general, seeking the perfect harmony between human and machinery work, evaluating a sustainable progress. We also offer management solutions realizing electro-mechanical systems that satisfy particular productive and process needs. The department is concerned with different activities, from the production of the single electric board tailored on specific requests of the client or on our project, to the installation and test of complex plans by the client’s company. From the realization of general protection and low voltage distribution boards to the production of medium/high voltage boards and transformation cabins.

We give costumer assistance in all phases of the process, from the development of the project to the training of the operative employees and to the after sell assistance.

Our highly qualified employees follow a continuous training program in order to be able to grant the respect of the applicable rules and to offer expertise and competence with the enthusiasm that arise from the passion for our own work. All our products and systems respect high quality standards, in compliance with the applicable rules.