Custom Solutions

The value of sharing to be protagonists together

Modern companies work in a globalized market and are always dealing with many competitors. In spite of everything ELETTRA80 tries to create a sort of network, we are inclined to share our experience and technology with other companies in the market and in the meanwhile to gather information and knowledge from them. In our R&D department, we offer constant support to our customers in planning and developing new products.

We also develop products customized on the need of our customers, we take up all phases of the production, from the planning one until the realization of the first prototype having as main objective the satisfaction of the client and pursuing the total quality in each step of the production. Up till this days numerous projects, also very different in nature, have been developed. Being divided in many departments, each one with a specific and strong knowledge, we are able to satisfy the requests of an ample target of the market.

In addition to the planning, we also make customized production. One important feature that characterize us is the flexibility, this allow us to realize products tailored on specific technical characteristic specified by the client, producing not only industrial batches but also small series.