The innovation of lighting under the sign of comfort, security and energy efficiency

We have always paid attention to the new technologies and to the opportunities they offer us for the safeguard of the environments and for eco-savings.

From the active research aimed to the development of products that optimize the use of new technologies the FLARE, MILKYWAY, ESTRELLAS and MOON Series have been created. They are LED bars and LED ceiling-lamps useful for the enlightenments of different internal and external places. The attention and care paid to the details and needs of the market has brought our systems to be made to last over time, to be adaptable to the single needs and to grant good quality performances. The main characteristic is the important energy efficiency with the same light intensity of other lighting technologies, you can save up to 65%. Another important feature is the duration, about 60.000 hours, which means no maintenance costs. These products are entirely produced in our company so we are able to grant not only the quality and reliability, but also a service customized on the necessity of the client, from the dimension to the color temperature decisions.

ELETTRA80 PATENT: SUEL is a patented system made up of panels with an electrified integrated bar able to support luminous panels with the function of display shelves. It is a flexible system ideal to decorate shops or showrooms. A secure and modular system, it offers solutions tailored on the different seasonal exposing needs.

SUNIND an innovation in the industrial and street lighting sector. SUNIND is a series of projector lamps for streets, parking and open spaces enlightenment and bell lamps for industrial enlightenment, which use the induction lamps technology. This technology allows the user to obtain extremely efficient results in the lighting of open spaces with reduced costs. Another point of importance of this product is the duration of 100.000 hours, once the product has been installed you will not face maintenance costs for a long time.