Electrical engineering

Simply what you need

Nowadays it would be impossible to think about a world without electronics and the services it offers us. Since from the very beginning, when this technology started to develop, we realized its huge potential and the development it would have brought so we provided the company with a specific department with specialized equipment and employees, entirely dedicated to the creation of the first circuit boards.

Since that moment the sector has become bigger and we maintained our commitments suggesting innovative and up to date solutions to different markets. From the small household appliances to medical and industry devices.
Today this department has a double function, on one side it helps the R&D laboratory in the phase of prototype realization and test and on the other realizes products on its own or on demand of the client.

We produce circuit boards aimed to different applications, on demand of the client and following the production process, from the production to the installation, granting before and after-sell assistance. We realize integrated circuit boards for the management and control of automations and circuit boards for ICT systems.

Elettra80 also produces its own products, developed and designed in the Research and Development department.