Free Water Pump

Kit for the empty of condensation water of air-conditioners

  1. What is Free Water Pump

    Free Water Pump is a removing system for the empty of condensation water, it is made up of a pump block and a measure block.

    Thanks to its innovative design and its small dimension, it can be installed inside the logline allowing an easy and rapid installation.

  2. What is inside the Kit

    The kit is completed with the installation instruments. Each kit contains:

    • 1 pump block
    • 1 measurement block
    • 16mm curve
    • 1 adaptation from 16 to 18 mm
    • 1,5 m silicon piper with a diameter of 4x6mm
    • 4 cable ties
  3. Data sheet:
    • payload 12,6 l/hour
    • maximum aspiration: 2 vertical meters between the measurement block and pump
    • maximum transmission: 10 vertical meters between pump and water output
    • Voltage 230 VAC / 50 HZ
    • Pump dimensions L30 X D80 X H57 mm
    • Measurement block dimensions L31 X D91 X H49 mm

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